Chinese-born, in 1997, and New York-based, Tiantian Ma received her B.F.A. in Painting from Pratt Institute in 2020. Oil on canvas is her main medium.

Tiantian embraces her spirituality. It is her firm belief that arts possess a therapeutic function. Through meditation while in the process of painting, Tiantian fabricates fantasies out of transient beauty to convey a sense of serenity. Having come to terms with the world, her works relay a repeated message: Inner peace is not an “is”, it is a “becoming”.

In her theory, people share an Original Relation with Nature. “God” creates all things, and illusory in Nature. Although “God” is transcendental and impersonal, people are born with the power of perceiving God. Tiantian’s paintings are all about capturing the shining moments of divinity from Nature. Observe by her blood and flesh; Perceive by Aura and spirit. She is trying to integrate herself into God.