We Are Immersive Experiencers Gliding Across the Spiritual World.

When everything is connected, everything is one. Natural/Artificial, Crystal/Energy, Birth/Doom, Organic/Rock.
Gem Mountain   2021 View Project
The title means “Trance” + “Trace”. “Trance” represents that Tiantian embraces idealism. Believing in her highly subjective instinct, through meditation and trancing, as a spiritual “trace”, Tiantian experiences divine that are inherent in the everyday.
A Gift Box In City   2021 View Project
A Beginner’s Guide: Collecting Celestial Bodies and How to Preserve Them
Under the influence of Transcendentalism, Tiantian has deep gratitude and appreciation for nature, and she emphasizes human harmony and resonance with nature. In this series of works, Tiantian depicts a mysterious, and energetic universe: people freely explore the universe, people coexist with celestial bodies, and they share a universal spirit.
Zephyr   2020 View Project
Yearly Work: 2020
Jackie with My Paintings   2020 View Project